TomTom and GEVAS software enable traffic management in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf

Mar 22, 2017

TomTom (TOM2), a global company that manufactures navigation and mapping products, has revealed that its live traffic data system has been selected by Frankfurt and Düsseldorf traffic management centres in Germany.

Frankfurt and Dusseldorf Traffic Management Centres in Germany have selected TomTom to enable traffic management software for each centre. The systems have been designed to optimize efficiency, identify and address congestion.

Gevas software sales head Michael Neuner said: “We are pleased that the citizens of Frankfurt and Düsseldorf will now experience improved traffic conditions thanks to the addition of live traffic data from TomTom.

“TomTom is on a mission to reduce traffic congestion and transform mobility across the world.”TomTom Licensing Business Unit managing director Anders Truelsen