Benefit-Cost Analysis Course


October 23, 2018 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

CTEP is pleased to offer the course:
“Alberta Transportation Benefit-Cost Analysis”

Edmonton, Alberta – October 23, 2018
Calgary, Alberta – October 29, 2018



This one-day course on Alberta Transportation’s Benefit-Cost Model is a professional development course for project managers, transportation planners, highway designers and bridge engineers. It is an introductory course on how the model can be used. The course contains lectures, instructor-led examples as well as independent examples to maximize participants’ understanding of the model. There is an accompanying Benefit-Cost Model User Guide, from which much of the lecture material is obtained. This course is best suited for those involved in the planning and managing of road and bridge projects on Alberta’s highway network.

For those familiar with Alberta Transportation’s previous benefit-cost model (released in 1991), the new model is significantly more complex in that it takes into account many more factors. The basic principles of the analysis, fundamental assumptions and parameters are unchanged from the original benefit-cost model. Sources of information have been carefully researched and are documented in the User Guide.

Each course participant will receive a set of reference materials for use during the course and after.

The latest version of the Benefit-Cost Model and User Guide can be found on Alberta Transportation’s website.

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